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Dreams and Dreamwork are tools to help you awaken to a greater reality and let go of fears, belief systems and old reaction patterns.
They assist you towards your next stage of spiritual evolution.

The dreaming mind is truly amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how it always seeks to help out with a problem, and points out the direction to the sunny side of life. It is also amazing to see how creative people are in working with their dreams in a constructive and deeply healing manner.

Your dreams are from you, to you and about you (from Source, to your common daily consciousness, about your behavior/reactions and possibilities). During sleep your mind goes inward and focuses solely on YOU. Your dreams are about what is troubling you, they work on a solution to your issues and they comfort and encourage you.
When you are dreaming you are at your purest, most honest, authentic self and you are thinking, processing and working on what is best for YOU!
The Dream Source always seeks to inform you about what your mind is processing at the moment, and to find healing and wholeness. When you can understand your wise and caring dream language, you can access those powerful messages, and you can move mountains!

Dream alchemy is the process of working with your dreams to transform your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life into alchemical gold.

Discover the real life issues behind your actual dreams, to gain a better understanding of how our dreams are at work in our daily lives and what factors in life cause us to dream the weird things we do.

What does it mean when your friend, boss or neighbour is in your dream? What’s the meaning of your dream? To find out, try to describe the pattern you see in the dream person. For example, you might see a pattern of “always giving up just before finishing” or “starts too many new things, losing track of the big picture” or “spends all the time trying to rescue others and is blind to her own need for help”

Here’s how to identify them: The dream person is there to show you an aspect of you! Can you recognise it in your self? Would you own it? Can you see how it started?

Here’s how to heal: If it is a nightmare or if it is a negative pattern, would you know what to do to change the patterns that are not helpful to you? You may create a dialogue with the dream person and find a way to understanding, reconciliation, change and healing. You may re-write the ”script”.

In 1980, Louise Minerva-Li started working professionally with Dreams, giving work shops in Dream Interpretation, Dream Work, Dream Alchemy and Dream Healing. Group- and individual healing.

1993 she started up the two-years Education in Dream Therapy, which, together with transpersonal dreamwork such as re-entrance in the dream and techniques of dreamhealing, includes regressions, past life therapy, soul retrieval, trauma healing, and more, such as drawing, intuitive writing, guided visualization, storytelling…

Louise Minerva-Li has published 8 books (not translated into English):

  • Understand your dreams – A key to self knowledge (out of print)
  • Understand your feelings – Healing from within
  • Night dreams/Waking dreams/Life dreams
  • The art of dying – Through Death
  • Dream Interpretation and Dream Alchemy
  • LIFE – Your journey through many lifetimes (published as e-book 2012)
  • Letters from the DreamSource
  • Old Souls and other curiousities


A forum for people interested in dreams, where many have been gaining experience in the art of dream interpretation and have been using this knowledge to enhance their lives.

Dream Interpretations and The Dream of this Week 
Click on this valuable resource for the art of dream interpretation and analysis (only in Swedish). It contains many examples of interpretations and practical exercises that can be undertaken to implement the advice gained from dreams. It is like a Dream Glossary that defines the dream symbols.

Would you like to discuss your dreams with like-minds? A place to explore and decode your dreams, the language of your unconscious mind. Different dream- and life related themes the second Sunday of every month.

DREAM BLOGG Send in your dream and get it interpreted.


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